IE9 RC Release Candidate now available

Internet Explorer 9 RC is now available from Microsoft as of Feb 10th, 2011. You can obtain IE9 via Windows Update or direct download from Microsoft.   Apparently there must be a staggered roll-out via Windows Update as I have not received notice as of yet on my Windows 7 machine.  Only those who previously installed an IE9 beta release will get the Windows Update alert.

This should be the last update prior to general availability which is planned later in March 2011.


Poll: Which Web Browser do you use?

I used to be primarily a Firefox user but about six months ago I made the full switch to Google Chrome on all my Mac’s and PCs (exception to Safari on my iPhone & iPad of course). For me, Chrome seems to be the best browser. Best meaning, fast and plenty of support for extensions (plug-ins) that I use. What browser do you use primarily? If you have multiple machines, answer for the most used including mobile devices.