Chrome 13 Instant Search

Google released Chrome 13 on Aug 3rd, 2011.

This release contains over 5200 changes, but one of the bigger changes includes a new feature called Instant Pages.  Instant Pages basically preloads the first search result for “some” pages, and upon clicking displays the first page instantaneously.

I did some testing with this new feature to see how it works.  Obviously, results may vary based on what you search for and the Chrome team indicates that this works only for “some” pages.  I found that it worked in some pages as well but it didn’t always work as described.  It’s possible during my testing that either I was too fast in clicking the search links, my internet connection wasn’t fast enough at that particular moment, or the site behind the instant search was too slow to respond.  Further testing and usage will be needed, but I can see some value already with this feature.

Another thing I noticed is that the first Chrome search result appears with the a blue arrow next to it.  Apparently this arrow has been around previously to this release, but it appears to also serve as an indicator of an Instant Search result according to this article/post.  Evidently the blue arrow has annoyed some users already and in normal Google fashion there is a way to turn it off as well.

All-in-all, Chrome 13 seems to be another great release in my initial testing so far.  I will be exploring the other big features next, such as Print Preview and Print to PDF.  Looks like Mac users will have to wait a bit longer for the printing features though so I will only be able to test on my Linux and Mac machines.

If for some reason you didn’t get the auto-update you can trigger a manual update of Chrome by clicking the wrench icon, then opening “About Google Chrome”.  Have fun!