How to Change Applications Dock Icon in OS X

System PreferencesScreenSnapz002After adding my applications folder back to the dock I noticed that the dock icon was using a different icon than the original Applications icon. The icon was using some other app icon (in my case it was the Lightroom app icon) instead of the Applications folder.

Here is how to change it back.

Right-click on the icon in the dock that is currently posing as the Applications icon.
Notice that it current shows Display As Stack as checked, it will look like this.
Google ChromeScreenSnapz002

To Fix it: Select the Display as Folder option.
This should change the icon back to the proper Applications icon as indicated in the picture below.
Google ChromeScreenSnapz003


Hope this helps. Let me know in the comments


HOWTO: Moving an Application Window in Windows 7 Using Keyboard

I have a multi-monitor configuration both at work and home.  Sometimes when I undock my laptop from the separate LCD display and bring it to another room I have found that some application windows are “stuck” on the other screen.  Here is a quick and easy way to move those stuck windows to the correct screen.

Use the Windows Picture of Windows logo key+Left arrow or Picture of Windows logo key+ Right arrow to move the window to one edge of the screen.  This should make it visible again.

This is a Windows 7 only tip from my testing.  Let me know in the comments if you have another way that works.

HOWTO: Stop Mac DVD Player app from starting

For Mac OS X users:
If you want to stop the DVD player app from starting when you insert a DVD movie disk, try this.

  • Open System Preferences
  • Choose CDs & DVDs (under the Hardware Section)
  • Change the setting at the bottom to When you insert a video DVD: Ignore.

HOWTO: Create Gmail Labels on Your iPad / iPhone

Lately I have been a bit frustrated when using the iPad / iPhone Mail program with my Gmail account.  I use the Gmail labels feature on all of my important mail or when I just want to file stuff away for later.  The one problem I keep encountering is how to create new labels while in the iPad Mail app with Gmail.

I recently found two ways to solve this problem:

Solution #1 – Make sure you have iOS 5 installed on your iPad or iPhone.  Open the Mail app on your iPad or iPhone, choose your Gmail account from the Accounts section (below the Inboxes).  Then select the Edit button at the top, then select NewMailbox on the very bottom.  Here is where you can create the new label name.  Enter the label name and click Done(keyboard) or Save at the top, and then click Done button at the top.  Voilà! Your new label should now be available for use.

Solution #2 – Use the link to the full Gmail site:  Normally I would never use Safari to read my email while on the iPad or iPhone, but this in theory is the only way to do this if you are still using iOS 4 and earlier.  I would have thought that using mobile Safari and surfing directly on over to would solve this problem but apparently the Google site detects that you are a mobile device and renders it as the mobile Gmail site, which surprisingly also prevents you from creating new labels.

If you have a better solution please let me know in comments section.

iPad Missing Videos Fix

I just encountered a weird problem with my iPad (again) and thought I should document this for others.  I performed a sync with iTunes to copy some videos over to my iPad.  All went well in appearance, but after the synch was complete, the movies are all missing in the iPad Videos app.

To fix this:

I forced the iPad to check/repair files by doing a hard restart.  To do a hard restart hold the iPad power switch and home button for about 10 seconds, or enough time until you see the Apple logo appear.  At this point you can let go and the iPad will continue to do the restart process on its own.  The restart may take a bit longer than a normal restart so be patient.  Once the iPad home screen appears you can check to see if the videos are present in the Videos app.  Sometimes this is all it takes for the videos to appear.

Continue with these next steps if you are still have missing videos.

Proceed to connect your iPad back to your Mac/PC and do one more synch in iTunes.  I toggle a few of the main selections off/on for movies, music, podcasts. Then select the Sync button.

After the synch process completes, your movies/videos should now re-appear in in the iPad videos app.  Obviously your results may vary with this work-around, but it seems to work for me whenever I run into this issue on my iPad.

Good luck and let me know if you find a better way to do this.  Hopefully Apple will fix this issue soon.

2011 New Year’s Resolutions

2011 List

  1. Build an app for iPhone, iPad or Mac OSX
  2. Reach out to local small business owners for networking and to share experiences
  3. Refine website and business plan for
  4. Go to church weekly
  5. Eat healthy, workout 2-3x week, lose 10 lbs
  6. Read at least 10 books
  7. Take more pictures; start another 365 project
  8. Make three photo books
  9. Donate my time to those in need or that are less fortunate
  10. Complete technical certification on either CompTIA A+ or Cisco CCNA
  11. Make some music or a podcast
  12. More Gaming!

2010 List:  (6 Successes, 4 Failures)

  1. SUCCESS: Educate myself on starting and running a small business.
  2. FAIL: Reach out to local small business owners for networking and to share experiences.
  3. SUCCESS: (mostly): Create business plan and start-up a small business.
  4. FAIL: Create an iPhone app.
  5. SUCCESS: (mostly): Go to church weekly.
  6. SUCCESS: Eat healthy, workout more, and lose 20 lbs and keep it off.
  7. FAIL: (was very close) Read at least 10 books (outside of my MBA class studies).
  8. SUCCESS: Take more pictures; start a 365 project.
  9. FAIL: Make at least three photo books.
  10. SUCCESS: Give more to kids & families that are less fortunate

Camera+ Secret Feature: Volume shutter

Camera+ is an iPhone camera app developed by Tap Tap Tap.  The dev team recently made a new v 1.2.1 version available on the App Store and then announced a secret feature last thursday to enable the volume button as shutter.  This is apparently a big no…no in the Apple iPhone developers agreement.  Tap Tap Tap published these details via a twitter update, which was then later deleted.  Apple recently pulled the Camera+ iPhone application from the Apple store (for now).  More details can be found in a recent ComputerWorld post as well.

In the mean time you can enjoy the secret feature if you have Camera+ 1.2.1 by opening a Safari browser and typing this as the URL:  camplus://enablevolumesnap

Now just click the volume button to take a picture, pretty cool.