Canon 5D Mark III Dismissive Thoughts

Canon announced their new update to the 5D line today, the 5d Mark III.  Its price… a whopping $3500 dollars for body only, this is $1000 more than the previous model.

For me its more about the photographer not the gear, and at $3500 it seems a bit over priced in comparison to others in this space.  It always surprises me when photogs feel the need to dump their perfectly good and working gear for something new (and untested) .  Its almost as if folks feel like their equipment has all of the sudden become old and failing overnight… just by one announcement.

I think in a month or two there will be even better deals on the 5D M2 as Canon also announced they are planning to discount the 5DM2 price soon.

For me if I were a pro I would lean towards sticking with my existing Canon 5D Mark II or Nikon D700.  If your camera breaks you are still better off saving thousands of dollars and just going with the great deals on the older models such as the 5DM2and D700 right now.

With all of the change going on in the photography business, I can’t understand why photographers would over spend on frivolous gear when their market is going through such extreme change and transition.  Buy a lens instead with your money, or expand your business or hire an assistant instead.

So just think about it…. what is this new camera model really going to get you versus what you already can accomplish with existing gear.

Good Journey!


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3 Responses to Canon 5D Mark III Dismissive Thoughts

  1. Peggy Brophy says:


  2. patrick says:

    Because a lot of gearhead out there, I’m one of them. However, this time I hold my 5D MK II tight…

  3. jun says:

    That is the way Canon or Nikon making money. For photographers we must konw what we want.

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