No one backs up their data!

This has been my observation of most home computer users over the last few years.

I find that most of these users (9 out of 10) are not backing up their music, photos, home videos, and documents with any kind of organized or planned/automated process.  I’ve come to this observation while helping friends, family, and even small businesses with their computer issues.  The range of users is not just novice computer users but also includes advanced users as well.

The typical response when asked, do you backup, is usually one of two responses “no, not currently but I plan to…” or “I have a backup on CD or an old hard-drive from several months ago”.    It seems that most people are betting their hard-drives won’t crash or that they won’t lose their computer to theft, fire or any other natural disaster.  Basically most people aren’t thinking about it much, and I find this surprising.  In digging deeper on those that actually have a backup, I found that it was usually not automated and/or was several months old.  Also their backups are rarely tested or verified for the content and if they are working correctly.  A backup doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t actually work or if it is missing important files.

However, there is some small but growing upside in this story as more and more online “cloud” hosted solutions and tools are used such as Google Docs, Google Music, Picasa, Drop Box, Flickr,  and the new Apple iCloud.  Also we shouldn’t forget all of the online backup services such as Crashplan and Carbonite to name a few.  These tools are very handy and solve many of the backup needs for people.  But with all of that I still find I need local storage & backup for my various home storage needs.  This may change as these cloud storage services and tools grow further and become more common place.

Let me know in the comments section, Do you backup your home computers?    What services or tools do you use?


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