Ode to Steve Jobs

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Steve Jobs has retired his duties as CEO.   This is a sad day indeed as I grew up with Steve Jobs over the last 25+ years in this bumpy computer revolution ride.

I am glad to see Steve has recommend Tim Cook take over as CEO.  This is the best choice (for now) as he has previous experience as interim-CEO in Jobs’ absence over the years.  Tim has proven he is an effective COO and leader with Apple since 1998 so he is no stranger to Apple or the industry.

As far as Steve Jobs goes, what can I say… he is (was) not your typical CEO, but instead an icon of innovation to the computer revolution and more recently, the mobile revolution.  The iPod, iPhone, and iPad are great feats of technology and invention, a revolution we are still beginning to see take off.  We watched Steve Wozniak and Jobs fuel the home computer revolution in the 80’s and lead the charge in brining the graphical user interface to the home computer.

Jobs is one of the most influential CEOs the industry has ever seen.  He has always had a strong drive for perfection in bringing great and affordable (well…sometimes affordable) computers to the masses.  The legendary Apple I and Apple II computers that he and Steve Wozniak built from scratch in their garage essentially started the home computer industry as we know it.    

I will miss Steve’s tenacious pursuit for perfection and tireless push for greatness that he brought to Apple and to the industry.  Steve brought us many magical and insanely great computers and mobile devices over the years and he has always been the high water mark for perfection.  Rarely did he let a product get out that was not great.  I will miss you Steve Jobs!  Good luck and farewell and I look forward to the next 25 years at Apple.

Now… Tim Cook, please don’t mess this company up!


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  1. Abdelali says:

    i will definitely read more posts.

  2. good post.Ne’er knew this, regards for letting me know.

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