Photo battle: iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo -Part 2

In part 1 of the Photo Battle: iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo we looked at two images taken with both cameras.  So far it is a draw, with the iPhone 4 winning the first round and the HTC Evo winning the second.  In part 2 we will look at two more pictures and compare their properties to see if we can find a winner.

Round#3:  Monitor, Indoors but lit directly by window light

The actual shot is of a blackish grayish Dell CRT monitor.  The iPhone 4 has a slight purple hue to the entire image and especially the monitor and carpet.  The Evo’s image has a blue hue to the entire image and is especially noticeable on the monitor and carpet.  It looks like both cameras failed to capture the correct color of the dark gray monitor.  I think it leans slightly to the iPhone 4’s representation of the monitor’s actual color, but the iPhone has too much purple in the carpet also.  The Evo captured the carpet colors more accurately.  Zooming in 100% I can see both images are a bit blurrier than I would hope.  This is especially noticed near the vent holes and the upper ridge.  The iPhone’s sharpness is slightly better, but has much more noise and grain.  The Evo is softer over-all but the noise reduction has taken away some of the sharpness and noise.

Evo Image #3

iPhone 4 Image #3

Winner of Round #3: It’s a toss up between the two images and both have several issues.  Both cameras struggled to capture the accurate color.  The iPhone 4 image has more noise/grain and thus a bit better sharpness.  The Evo has less noise/grain but is much softer, and has less sharpness overall.  I would lean towards the iPhone’s sharpness and noise/grain.  But if you prefer softer and less grain then the Evo takes it.

Round#4:  Dark room using built-in camera flash, picture of LCD projector

This shot was taken in a dark conference room and using each camera’s built in flash sequentially to take each respective shot.  The closer focal length of the Evo blew out the the grey color of the projector, making the side seem almost white.  The iPhone’s LED flash worked well enough to illuminate the projector and didn’t blow out the grays as much as the Evo.   Both images struggled to get accurate sharpness in the dark light.  The iPhone LED flash seems to light up more of the surrounding area of the flash vs the Evo seems to have more brightness but only close up before dropping off fairly quickly.

Evo Image #4

iPhone 4 Image #4

Winner of Round #4: Slightly leans to iPhone 4.  Both have decent color for the conditions of being a dark room.  The Evo’s flash was a bit harsh and blew out the gray on the side of the projector, then drops off very fast.  I did prefer the iPhone 4 flash in this shot over the Evo.  It’s possible that more sampling of indoor flash between the two cameras may reveal different results.  The focal length difference of the Evo vs the iPhone could also be a contributing factor to the faster flash drop off experienced in the Evo image as the Evo flash hits the projector sooner due its tighter focal length.  More specific flash testing could yield different results.  Let me know if you find anything different or that which confirms these results.

Overall Winner: iPhone 4 wins this photo battle challenge.  The main factors that side with the iPhone 4 is the better sharpness and noise correction algorithm in the iPhone 4.  There are some shots where both cameras fail to get the correct white balance and thus have incorrect color.  Overall the iPhone won out in more of the images.  Of course all of this can be subjective to the eye of the beholder.

Tell me what you think, by sending me a reply with your thoughts.

Disclaimer:  This is a subjective test and is subject to my opinion and preferences.  Also, I have to disclose that I am a current iPhone 4 owner and carry any known or unknown bias with that.  During this test I tried to be as unbiased and fair as possible.  I posted links to the original images, so you can be the final judge.  Enjoy!


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