Photo battle: iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo

I will be reviewing pictures taken from an iPhone 4 with its 5MP camera vs the HTC Evo and its 8MP camera.  This will be purely a photo battle and not a feature by feature comparison since may others like CNET and Wired have already done that.

All images are shot hand held, in portrait mode, Evo in my left hand, iPhone 4 in my right.  Each was taken near simultaneously, except for the shots which required flash.  None of the images have been altered or changed from their original state.  One minor note is that some of the iPhone images had to be rotated back to portrait as they uploaded as landscape instead of the as-shot portrait mode (maybe a bug in iOS 4.0?).

Round#1:  Outdoor lighting on mostly sunny day.

The first thing I notice is that the iPhone 4 has a wider focal length than the Evo.  From a color stand-point the Evo has richer color saturation in the blue sky.  Its a bit over-done on the blue though and the iPhone 4 appears to have a more accurate representation of the actual sky.  The green trees and grass color saturation appears nearly equal on both, but iPhone 4 has a slight edge with green in its image.  The Evo image is not quite as sharp as the iPhone 4 image overall. Zooming in to 100% this is more noticeable as the EVO appears to be softer than the iPhone 4’s sharpness.  This could be the result of a better noise reduction algorithm in the iPhone 4 camera.  More shots will help reveal what’s happening with sharpness.

Evo Image#1

iPhone4 Image #1

Winner of Round #1: The iPhone 4 wins in this set of images for its more accurate color, overall sharpness and better noise reduction.

Round#2:  Indoor lighting lit mostly by window light.

The Evo and iPhone 4 both have their whites on the cup blown out from the window lighting.  Over all sharpness goes to the Evo in its picture, this can be observed by looking at the print in the newspaper, and the image and letters on the coffee cup.  Color saturation is higher in the iPhone 4 image when looking at the wood of the desk and the red chair.  The wall and white board in the Evo image have a slightly blue hue to them where as the iPhone 4 wall and whiteboard look more accurate.

Evo Image #2

iPhone4 Image #2

Winner of Round #2: The HTC Evo has better overall sharpness and more accurate color in theis image (except the wall and whiteboard).

See Part 2 of the Photo Battle for the final results….


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One Response to Photo battle: iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo

  1. George says:

    I see the Evo winning round one as well. The coloring of the sky and the building in the background of the IPhone 4 pic is a bit blurred compared to the Evo picture. However, the trees in the IPhone picture for round one has better coloring.

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