HOWTO: Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) Reboot / Shutdown

When using Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), you may encounter the need to restart or shutdown a machine remotely while in an RDP session. From the Windows Start menu you have an option to Logoff or Disconnect but no option for rebooting or shutting down.

Here are three methods which should all work.

Method 1:

In your RDP session, from the Windows start button select Run and enter  shutdown -r to reboot or shutdown -s to shutdown

Method 2:

In your RDP session, open a cmd window and execute either of these commands:

reboot command  c:> shutdown -r
shutdown command  c:> shutdown -s

Once you execute one of the commands a 30 second count down will be initiated. If you need to abort the restart/shutdown command enter shutdown -a to abort.

Method 3:

In your RDP session press CTRL+ALT+END.  This will bring up the Windows Security window and here you can select the Shutdown button.

Happy rebooting!


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