Drobo Apps are here

I recently purchased a Drobo (Firewire 800 model) a month ago.  I primarily use this for my backups of all of my files on my iMac 24″ but it works with Windows/Linux PCs equally well.  I backup all of my files to the Drobo, which includes: documents, photos, home movies, itunes mp3, and ripped shows/movies.

The folks over at Drobo now offer DroboApps.  In case you didn’t know Drobo is basically a fancy storage solution for your computer,  you can check it out hereDroboApps let you extend the capabilities of the Drobo.  I just downloaded Time Tamer, which lets you control the size of Time Machine’s use of the storage space.  This is vital if you have ever used Time Machine.  Basically Time Machine will grow and grow until it sucks ever last bit of free space.  Now I really don’t need to go back 3 years in time, maybe just 6 months would be handy.

In my next post I will go over my two forms of backup (OS X Time Machine and ChronoSync) for use with my Drobo and what each option brings to the table.


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